The telegraph vom 23. Mai 2020: Lockdown saved no lives and may have cost them, Nobel Prize winner believes

Professor Michael Levitt of Stanford University predicts that the UK will be rid of Covid-19 within weeks

Lockdown caused more deaths than it saved, a Nobel laureate scientist said on Saturday, as he predicted the UK would emerge from Covid-19 within weeks.

Michael Levitt, a Stanford University professor who correctly predicted the initial trajectory of the pandemic, sent messages to Professor Neil Ferguson in March telling the influential government advisor he had over-estimated the potential death toll by „10 or 12 times“.

The Imperial College professor’s modelling, a major factor in the Government’s apparent abandoning of a so-called herd-immunity policy, was part of an unnecessary „panic virus“ which spread among global political leaders, Prof Levitt now tells the Telegraph.

Prof Levitt, a British-American-Israeli who shared the Nobel prize for chemistry in 2013 for the „development of multiscale models…

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