Mail vom 29.04.2020, 16:55 Uhr: „Thank you for producing the accounts of individuals that have been negatively affected by business closures and denial of routine medical care.

In my particular circumstance, I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in June 2018, which was negatively affecting my balance, gait, stamina, executive function, and mood. Over the next 18 months I researched and, in conjunction with my health care providers, developed a „whole health“ therapy program of diet, exercise, light therapy, lifestyle, and spiritual enhancement. From November 2019 until March 2020, I was realizing many positive benefits, confirmed by those same health care providers.

However, in March, the gymnasium where I was pursuing exercise, light therapy, and massage was closed for an indefinite period. Moreover, shortly thereafter the state closed its park system, even though our state governor had allowed that outdoor exercise was considered „essential“, which meant that I was no longer able to realize the benefit of an irregular walking surface to train the neural networks, as well as the spiritual benefit of being outdoors in a scenic area. Both the gymnasium and the park were central to my social life, which has been essentially denied to me now altogether. Just this past week, the park hiking trails were re-opened.

The result of those two actions is a sharp reversal of my condition, the full extent of which cannot be clinically confirmed at this point; again, due to restrictions on routine medical care. My emotional state has also been negatively impacted, due to the deterioration of my physical condition as well as the frustration and anxiety I experienced. That frustration and anxiety is largely due to the unwillingness of our local and national authorities to acknowledge the increasing body of knowledge that supports the argument that the SARS-CoV2 viral outbreak is no worse than seasonal influenza. Instead, the „emergency“ measures are becoming institutionalized, in direct violation of the natural rights that are guaranteed by our country and state Constitutions.”