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Ich bekam diese erschütternde Nachricht von meinem Bruder [68 Jahre alt] aus den USA heute.  Er hatte davor gefragt, ob ich immer noch vor habe, in September in die USA zu reisen.  (Ich wollte  auf eine Demonstration gegen Drohnenkriege teilnehmen). Darauf hin fragte ich, warum er nachfrage und bekam diese Antwort:

Gesendet: Dienstag, 18. August 2020 um 23:55 Uhr
Betreff: RE: RE: Visit to USA I asked for several reasons:

Concern for your safety on long plane rides and in large gatherings;    The quarantine issues in two directions that you mentioned;    Quarantine issues as they relate to our house        We have had no guests in our house since about March 7th, including K [Tochter] and T [Enkelsohn].         They come periodically for dinner, but sit on our patio while we sit on our porch.         We share the propane grill, but cook separately, and they have no bathroom privileges.         G.   [Eherfrau, 75] and I don’t see any changes to this process through the end of the year, except maybe we will have holiday dinners in the garage if the weather is bad and/or cold…. G. and I have both had to be tested for Covid and were both lucky that we tested negative.  It would be devastating health wise if either of us got it.  T. [Enkelkind]  is also a very high-risk individual and so he and K. [Ts mother, my brothers daughter] are being quite careful.

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